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Book Launch! Sex Noir by Jamie Joy Gatto

Sex Noir
by Jamie Joy Gatto

This book was originally released in hardcover by Circlet Press in October 2002. The hardcover is still available, list price $24.95, but is on sale here at Circlet.com for $19.99. And the ebook edition lists at $9.99!
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A collection of erotic literary stories all set in New Orleans, by Jamie Joy Gatto.

From the sultry heat of New Orleans comes Sex Noir, a collection of erotic short stories from writer Jamie Joy Gatto. Gatto (Mind Caviar, Opehlia’s Muse) mines the rich lode of erotic longing, of wanting, the sublime pain-pleasure in tragedy, setting all of her erotic tales in New Orleans. Written and originally published in print form long before Hurricane Katrina, Sex Noir is Gatto’s love songs to the Crescent City, the city that can be equal parts queen of the Mississippi and back-room stripper-whore. This sensuous work on how passion and lust connect with longing and loss, Sex Noir presentes stories of transformative sex, casual encounters, desires both requited and unrequited, and the universal need to fill the emptiness inside.

“What is Gatto’s recipe for erotic fiction? Her tales combine a joyously nasty, exhibitionistic streak with soulful wisdom. The result is a tasty, appealing stew of stories whose flavor lingers long after the reader has savored it. “–Bill Brent, editor of Best Bisexual Erotica

“Wonderful storyteller, elegant stylist, unique observer, and all-around very hot babe. This is a book that you’ll not only remember, admire, and love, but it will also fuel the fires of your sex fantasies for years. “–M. Christian, author of Dirty Words, The Painted Doll, and The Bachelor Machine

Author Bio:

Jamie Joy Gatto is a sex activist and a widely published author. Her short stories have been included in Best Bisexual Erotica, Best SM Erotica, Ripe Fruit, Guilty Pleasures, Of the Flesh, and many more. She fled New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and currently makes her home somewhere much drier.

Table of Contents:

Litany for the Muse of Tragedy
Liquid Kitten
Mastering The Storm
Waiting for Claudette
My Mistress Is Dead
Gilding Lily
Water Fall
The Perfect Piece
I Still Dream
To Run With Anguish
Quarter Past Four
Come Monday
Extenuating Circumstances
Moon Thirteen Degrees Aquarius
Go Your Own Way


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