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David D. Levine

Author Chat: David D. Levine

Hiya! Who the heck is this guy and what's he doing here?

My name is David D. Levine (I always use the middle initial professionally, because David Levine is such a common name) and I'm a science fiction and fantasy writer. I've sold about 35 short stories to a wide variety of markets, and I've won a bunch of awards, including a Hugo. You can find out more, and read some of my other stories, over at my web page. If you have any questions for me you can ask in the comments below.

I'm here because I have a story in the recent Circlet anthology Up For Grabs: Exploring the Worlds of Gender, edited by Lauren P. Burka. "Fair Play" is a really short story, so if I excerpt any of it here it would be a spoiler, but I can tell you that it's erotica, it's funny, it's science fiction, and it's told entirely in dialogue.

None of these are typical for me, except for the science fiction part. I'm told I'm a funny guy in person, but most of my stories are serious. Even "Charlie the Purple Giraffe was Acting Strangely," which is a story about cartoon characters and has a lot of laughs in it, is subtitled "a serious story about funny animals" for a reason. (You can hear me reading it here, and it's also available via iTunes.)

The first draft of "Fair Play" was written at the Clarion West workshop when I attended there in 2000, as an exercise in writing a whole (short) story using no exposition. It's the only erotica story I've ever written (so far), and as there aren't many paying markets for SF erotica it sat around on my hard drive for years before Cecilia Tan announced that she was reading for "Up for Grabs." I'm so glad it was selected for the anthology!

The theme of the anthology, and the story, is "exploring the worlds of gender," and whenever I think about that I'm reminded of Uncle Bonsai's fine song "Penis Envy," AKA "If I Had a Penis," which you can hear on YouTube (ignore the video). What would you do if you had a penis (or vagina... whichever one you don't currently have)? Write it up in the comments below, 100 words or less. Have fun, be outrageous, make me laugh. I'll pick the one I like best and send the winner a copy of Up For Grabs. Deadline is midnight PDT on Saturday July 25.
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