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Author Chat What Makes It Erotica?

A local BDSM group held an erotica reading night. I was the only published author in the mix. Several people read their stories. As a writer, I saw them as sex scene descriptions, not complete stories. There was no plot beyond the sex, character development. To them a small caress was all they needed to show affection between the two people. It was pure porn, not what I call erotica. It was interresting listening to the group discuss erotica from the readers perspective. Some of the dykes said they don't like lesbian erotica because it is too flowery and metaphorical - Boring. I read my story, Medusa's Mistress from Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2008. They discussed that the only sexual contact was foot worship. I was surprised that a BDSM group would act like the BDSM erotic elements in the story were incomplete without actual sex. The SM described in the story wasn't enough for this group of readers.

Does a story have to have penetration or oral to be considered erotica?

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