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Author Chat Contest

I published my first gay male erotica story because I was trying to encourage my friend, Michael to publish some of his stories. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack before I convinced him to. His excuse was always that they took too long to get back to you, that it was too difficult to get published. My first attempt was published in Bearotica edited by Ron Suresha. It is out of print now.

Please include your email address in your comment below. They will be screened, so don't worry. On Saturday afternoon I will take all the correct answers, put them in a hat, and choose a winner. If you are within the U.S. you can choose whether to get an e-book or a hard copy from Circlet. Outside the U.S. will receive an ebook.

Are you ready? No, that isn't the contest question. LOL

What is my male pseudonym?

Thanks for playing,
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