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Author Chat: Why Do You Write That?

Recently I was at a get together and two people cornered me about my writing. They wanted to know why as a lesbian I write gay erotica. They wanted to know if I have a lot of gay friends. My first thought was "Why? Do murder mystery writers have a lot of murderers as friends?" The reason I was so offended is because these two people are also writers. Usually writers know that writing comes from within. What inspires us isn't always based on superficial things. If they were readers, I would have understood their lack of understanding about what inpires writers to write what we write. I also receive this same attitude when people find out that I write erotica. As if sex is worst to write about than murder.

My best stories come from characters. When a character sits down next to me and starts talking to me about her story, I go with it. When I struggle with a story, it's usually because I'm trying to force a story onto a character and not listening to what they want the story to be.

I'm not transgender, but my story Transplant is a romantic erotica story about an MTF and FTM. Does the fact that I'm not transgender mean I can't write about characters who are?

Have writers who write about other worlds traveled to other planets? Writers have always created worlds beyond the one they live in, and readers have traveled with them to these worlds.

For the writers, what inpires you to write what you do? Have you ever been asked, "Why do you write that?" What was your response?

For the readers, ask me any question you wish to know about writing, inspiration, whatever.

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