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New Anthology!

Hello Circlet Press readers! Today we are launching a new erotic anthology, Like Myth Made Flesh: Erotic Encounters with Mythical Beings. I do hope you'll all take a moment to check it out.


Table of Contents:

Initiation by Christina M. Parker
Sun Chases Moon by Michael M. Jones
The Seduction of the Sea by T. K. Ashley
Become the Mystery by Kara Owl
Ordinary Girl by M. A. Earnshaw
The Warmth of a Wood Nymph by Clarice Clique
D- in Distress by Nadine Wilmot
Primè Nocta by Kierstin Cherry

Excerpt from the introduction:

Many of us dream of being something greater than what we are; something powerful, something special, maybe even something to be worshiped. We find ways, in our everyday lives, to fulfill these dreams. We cut from the fabric of the lives we are given, mold and shape the stones of our paths, to fit our desires and fantasies; for some, this means simple role playing in the privacy of our bedrooms, or, if we’re braver, in a fetish club or at a party. For others, it simply means trying to be a better person, to echo the tenets of the gods we worship in the actions of our daily lives. For others still, it means calling to our gods, offering up our bodies, our wills, and our spirits in their service.

What if they answered? What if they came to us, not in dreams or in spirit, but in flesh and blood that we could feel with our skin and our teeth, and the beating of their hearts beneath our hands? How would it feel to have them wrap their arms around us and claim us as theirs? How would it change us to know that we were chosen? To be shown things that most mortals never get to see or experience?

Excerpt from D- in Distress by Nadine Wilmot:

Dragons were cruel creatures, Isibel knew. They enjoyed playing games with people in the same manner that cats enjoyed playing with battered mice, and they were known for playing long games, and subtle ones. Suffering was, to them, spice; fear the most delectable flavor.

Secretly, Isibel understood that pleasure, and was ashamed. However many elves the beast had stolen from this shanty-town, none of them would have had an easy death, or a quick one.

Isibel looked around herself at the silent gathering—the entire population of the shantytown seemed to have assembled by now—and came to a decision. Far be it from her to take the part of paladin—mercenaries made more profit—but there were more kinds of payment than money.

If nothing else, it never hurt to pad her reputation.

"I'll deal with it," she said.

You can find Like Myth Made Flesh here on Amazon: Like Myth Made Flesh or on our website:
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