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Flash-Stroke Contest-y Thing

Long, long ago, in a magic archipelago we called Usenet, on the island named, there was a discussion of the most disliked forms of online erotic literature. Two subgenres were particularly singled out for scorn: one was flash fiction--those stories which are written to a particular pre-defined and very short length. The other was "stroke," a somewhat less generally-used term (at least as a noun) that applied to stories that were frankly masturbatory in intent, rather than being more conventionally literary.

This discussion eventually spawned two Flash Stroke Festivals, first one organized and masterminded by Mat Twassell, then another run by myself. The project was great fun, and I've wanted to participate in another ever since. Being able to start a story and finish it in one sitting was bracing and liberating; and setting myself the goal of making it actually, wankably hot gave the project a sort of energy, of forward momentum, that I think more jokey or style-driven flash fiction can lack.

What I haven't tried yet is SF Flash Stroke, so I guess that's my next challenge. So. Sometime in the next day or so, I shall post a short-short in the comment thread for this post. You guys are invited to do the same. The bestMy favorite one posted before the end of the weekend (I am ineligible, of course) will be featured in a post here, and will win the author the Circlet Press e-book of their choice. Plus the people's ovation and fame forever.

The particular subgenre of flash in which we're working today is the Bradley, which is 18 lines long (including the title) and 70 characters wide; or the Double-Bradley, which is 35 lines long, ideally with a chapter break in the middle. It should also be SF or fantasy, and scorchingly hot. Strict adherence to these rules is not required, but it will win you points with the judge. as will the inclusion of any of the judge's favorite kinks, which are by and large not too hard to figure out
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