December 9th, 2011

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Microfiction: A Useful Irregularity, by Rian Darcy

A Useful Irregularity
by Rian Darcy

“So, a wizard, huh?”

Adin closed his eyes and counted to ten. They’d just finished having the best morning sex of his life, and all Eric seemed to be able to think about was magic. Adin would have been flattered, except he knew that making subconscious connections wasn’t exactly Eric’s strong suit.

“Is it like, y’know–” Eric made a motion with his hand that was probably supposed to mimic the waving of a wand “–or what?”

“I already told you,” Adin snapped, “I think about things and they happen.”

Eric frowned at the ceiling, then rolled onto his side and propped himself up on one elbow. As usual, his shaggy black hair was in complete disarray, and Adin’s fingers itched to reach up and tidy it. “Y’know, you can’t tell me something like ‘I’m a wizard’ and expect me not to ask questions,” said Eric. “It’s not like telling me you’ve got a cold, or a scar on your leg or something.”

“Interesting how you compare being a wizard to being sick or having a permanent deformity.”

Eric rolled his eyes. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.” He leaned down to kiss Adin’s cheek. “C’mon, don’t be mad at me. At least I wanna know about it. You’d be even more upset if I didn’t care at all, wouldn’t you?”

That was true, but Adin wasn’t going to admit it. Just the fact that Eric believed him at all meant more to him than he was willing to say. “Fine, what do you want to know? I already told you I can’t explain how it happens. It just does.”

“Well…” Eric lifted his head and squinted down at Adin, then grinned. “Can you use it for, y’know, sex?”

Adin stared at him. His first instinct was to say no and leave it at that, but there was an impish gleam in Eric’s eyes that he just couldn’t resist. Instead of replying out loud, though, he let his gaze wander down Eric’s body to his sated cock, and concentrated on remembering what it felt like in his hands.

Eric jerked in surprise and let out a decidedly unmanly squeak.

“Hm?” Aiden couldn’t help but to smile, and even though he knew the answer would be no, he asked, “Satisfied?”

“Fuck no,” Eric spluttered. “Do that again.”

Adin stifled a laugh and thought about licking Eric’s cock, which gave a visible twitch in response.

Eric gasped and put a hand in the center of Adin’s chest to push him down into the mattress, Adin thought that would be the end of magic and the beginning of something more physical, but Eric didn’t take things any further; he climbed atop Adin and settled across his thighs, and stared down at him with fever-bright eyes.

“More?” Eric’s cheeks were red and he was already breathing heavier.

“So you like it, then?” Adin asked as he skimmed his hands up Eric’s thighs to his hips.

Eric grabbed his wrists and pinned them above their heads. His face was just inches above Adin’s in this position, and Adin could see that his pupils were so dilated his eyes were almost black. “No, do it without touching me. Please.”

“And what do I get out of this?” Adin scowled, though he was sure they both knew he didn’t actually mind being held down. Even so, he got his revenge by raking invisible fingernails down Eric’s back.

Eric’s back arched, and he let out a quiet whimper.

“You’re really getting off on this, aren’t you?” Adin whispered as the mental version of himself began stroking Eric’s cock with both hands. “Are you thinking about all the things I could do to you with magic that I could never do in real life? I can suck you off while you fuck me, or jerk you off in the middle of a crowd without ever laying a finger on you.”

“Fuck, Adin,” Eric gasped. His hips were rocking, steadily at first and then more erratically. The head of his prick was leaving smears of precome on Adin’s belly, and he let out stifled whimper when Adin tilted his pelvis so that Eric could rub against his cock instead. When Adin thought about dragging his tongue down the cleft of Eric’s ass, Eric broke apart with a soft, breathy cry. His cock jerked between their bellies, splattering Adin’s stomach with come, and his fingers tightened around Adin’s wrists as he shuddered his way through the last of his orgasm.

Still trembling, Eric collapsed atop Adin with an exhausted-sounding grunt.

Adin wrinkled his nose and tugged his wrists free from Eric’s loosening grip. After shoving ineffectually at Eric’s shoulder a few times, he huffed and muttered, “Do you ever actually stop being inconsiderate?”

“Not really,” Eric mumbled.

Adin sighed.

They lay there in silence for awhile. Adin had just started to drift off when Eric lifted his head and muttered, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Adin replied without opening his eyes.

Eric stroked the backs of his knuckles down Adin’s cheek and muttered, “Hey, uhm, I was just wondering.”

The tone of his voice was so serious that Adin finally opened his eyes. Eric was staring down at him with an unguarded, curious expression that turned to blushing embarrassment when he caught Adin watching him. Adin arched an eyebrow and tried to ignore the annoying fluttering sensation in the pit of his stomach. “Yes?”

“Is it– y’know, the wizard thing– is it hereditary?”

Adin stared at Eric for a moment before heaving a sigh and covering his face with both hands.

Rian Darcy is the real life alter-ego of fan fiction author, Nishizono Shinji. Rian has recently made the crossover to original fiction, and is busy putting the finishing touches on a full-length novel.

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