October 27th, 2011

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New call for submissions! Espionage and spy themes!

Like Slipping Undercover
Circlet Press seeks stories for a new anthology of erotic science fiction/and fantasy, this one with a spy theme! (If you’re like us, a movie theme song just started to play in your head…) Deadline: December 15, 2011.

From the debonair secret agents of bygone eras using top secret technology beyond civilian imagination and good old fashioned charm to achieve their ends, to brave messengers passing secrets along dangerous highways or inside castle walls in corrupt fantasy kingdoms full of political intrigue, to hackers gaining access to corporate or state secrets in cyberpunk dystopias– we want it all! Circlet Press is looking for original erotic science fiction and fantasy “spy-fi” stories to publish in its upcoming ebook anthology, Like Slipping Undercover.

All sexualities and gender expressions are welcomed.

Like Slipping Undercover will be edited by Bethany Zaiatz.

For more details on how to submit, keep reading:

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