October 6th, 2011

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Interview with erotic sf pioneer Mary Anne Mohanraj

by Cecilia Tan

Many moons ago, I was editing an anthology for Circlet Press called SexMagick 2. At the time, the press had only been around for a few years. It was the mid-1990s, the Internet was still kinda new, and we had just gotten real national distribution for the press. A young woman sent me a clever, witty, and very sexy story and I bought it. What I didn’t know at the time was that it was her very first published story. At the time she was a college student and just embarking on her writing career. Fast forward to today. That college student is now a professor, and that little erotic fantasy story was followed by a number of stories, novels, and anthologies (link), many of them with erotic and fantastical themes. I went from buying her stories to selling mine to her. She also jumpstarted a number of going concerns, including some of the “early adopters” of the online magazine model, including Clean Sheets (erotica) and Strange Horizons (science fiction). She’s always been good at bringing people together and now she’s doing it again on a completely new project–Demimonde–and in yet another embrace of the Internet’s power, through Kickstarter.

As of this writing, she has raised over $2,500 toward the $8,000 goal, with six days to go! (Click here to visit the Demimonde Kickstarter page and see a video about the project.)

Given that Demimonde is “An Erotic Science Fiction Novel in Stories” I thought it would be something Circlet’s readers would be keenly interested in.

Cecilia Tan: So, let me see. You started in erotic science fiction, eventually wandered from it into the mainstream, and now you’re coming back to it? Or is just the writer in me that wants to make this a “come full circle” sort of story?

Mary Anne: It’s funny, but I actually just wrote a piece about why I’ve come back to erotica, after a decade away from it, for the Body Impolitic blog. It’s a long answer, so I’ll first just point people to the entry (http://laurietobyedison.com/discuss/?p=5849). But the short version is yes, yes, yes. I’m quite promiscuous in my tastes, working in multiple genres — fantasy, science fiction, mainstream, even a little fling with mystery. But I’m excited to come back to my long affair with erotica.

CT: What’s the basis of Demimonde and why did you decide to write it?

Mary Anne: It actually started with a poly space opera story I published recently — in “Jump Space,” we meet a threesome (one male, two female) who encounter a cat-like sex slave — trouble ensues when one of the threesome falls in love with cat-guy, and their love is put severely to the test.

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Chocolatiers of the High Winds: 53: Epilogue

Chocolatiers of the High Winds by H.B. Kurtzwilde
A gay steampunk adventure. Follow the weekly travails of young Mayport Titus, and his intercontinental airship journey to restore the fortunes of the Titus Chocolate Company. (Do you need to start at Chapter One?)


Mayport lay on his lounge, made comfortable by one of Elias’ medicines. His arm was slung to his chest, and leg bound to heal. Elias had proven himself an able surgeon in retrieving slugs and stitching flesh, though he was unhappy with the necessity. It seemed best to show gratitude by obeying his commands during convalescence.

Joseph had turned himself into a nurse, going so far as carrying Mayport when he needed to move. He attended Mayport constantly, worried over fever and infection that was never allowed to set in. It was as if he had never seen Mayport at labor on the decks of the Dutch Process and had suddenly come under the impression that his husband was made of spun sugar. In the first day after Mayport’s duel, he had sent urgent word to New Amsterdam, attempting to inform Costor of the facts before rumor could worry the poor fellow.

Costor’s reaction had been to come south by steam coach and see Mayport for himself. Some shade of the day young Gasteau was lost had moved him to an abundance of caution. Mayport was touched to find their friendship could make Costor leave his comfortable home if his aid was needed.

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