October 5th, 2011

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Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words: 14th Night

IncuTales Icon art by HushichoWelcome to a new erotic fantasy serial! Incubus Tales by Hushicho takes us into the world of Dhiar, an Incubus in the infamous underground city of Noctemberg where Dhiar is proprietor of a very special shop, and sensuality is his stock in trade.

14th Night – Jidai (Time Goes Around)

Dhiar could not face the warm colours of the neon in the front window of Phantasies. It just burned at his eyes. The lonely shop only reminded him how much he missed Evvin already.

But he had to do what was right. And there was always the happiness of having had what they had. It wasn’t over, not as such… but he knew how things like this tended to go. At least he also knew that the young man would be happy.

The Incubus rarely came to the fancier parts of town. It wasn’t that the prices were outside of his range; eternity made the accumulation of money a simple matter. The people there, however, tended to make him feel like an outsider. The part of town with Phantasies and the nearby club, even if a little dirty and unprestigious, possessed a certain homely trait to it. It felt like home, much moreso than the rest of the city.

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