September 28th, 2011

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Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words: 13th Night

IncuTales Icon art by HushichoWelcome to a new erotic fantasy serial! Incubus Tales by Hushicho takes us into the world of Dhiar, an Incubus in the infamous underground city of Noctemberg where Dhiar is proprietor of a very special shop, and sensuality is his stock in trade.

13th Night – Twilight Galaxy

“Evvin, darling!”

The Incubus’s voice rang through the shop’s sales floor. Soon, the well-pierced and increasingly well-groomed man appeared before him, smiling and waving. His eyes held a sheepish spark in them.

Dhiar threw his arms around Evvin, pulling him close and pressing a kiss to his lips. Just for a moment, he lingered, just a little longer than necessary.

“How’s business been?” He ran his fingertip along Evvin’s ear, around the bumps and curves of his many rings and studs. “Sorry to have stayed away so long. I intended to just go and come back, but well… you know how one thing leads to another. Got a regular order out of it.”

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