September 5th, 2011

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Review: Opposite Sex

Title: Opposite Sex

Author: Gina McQueen

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Year: 2009

Review by Victoria Pond

Opposite Sex is a beach read of the best kind. If you’ve ever wondered what sex is like from the opposite perspective (and you know you have), Gina McQueen makes sure readers–and the novel’s heroine–get that taste of both worlds.

Here’s how the switch-up works: Our hero and heroine have amazingly good sex, connect on a soul-deep level, and trade bodies. They then go around pretending to be each other until they can recreate the soul-connection and switch back.

Along the way, both of them go off to experiment. Our heroine finds out how difficult it is for men to hold back, and our hero works the emotional angles to set up his new friend with the right man.

Some other reviewers have been distressed by the fact that, post-swap, each character refers to his/her new body parts as still belonging to the other person involved. But this reviewer doesn’t agree. The author is consistent in her interpretation, and it does make a polite sort of sense. After all, if you and your mother swapped bodies, would those be your fingers to waggle or would they be hers?

The book has a rocky start for anyone who’s ever been to a SF/F convention, but once the plot starts moving, it sucks you in for some light reading. You can purchase a copy at Ravenous Romance or

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