August 25th, 2011

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Chocolatiers of the High Winds: 47

Chocolatiers of the High Winds by H.B. Kurtzwilde
A gay steampunk adventure. Follow the weekly travails of young Mayport Titus, and his intercontinental airship journey to restore the fortunes of the Titus Chocolate Company. (Do you need to start at Chapter One?)

Chapter 47: Patience

Mayport hovered at Chef Gasteau’s table, jittering with anticipation. For once, he wasn’t dreading the opinions and advice. With the Chef, he was guaranteed excesses of both. This time, he truly wished to share what he had created.

Chef took his time over powder and butter. Each was tasted and held to the light. At last the cocoa powder was pushed aside. “It’s well enough for your Dutch drink, at least. The butter is very fine. Your standards have raised somewhat. And you say this is to be available in quantity?”

“For you, it will be,” Mayport said.

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