August 10th, 2011

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Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words: 6th Night

IncuTales Icon art by HushichoWelcome to a new erotic fantasy serial! Incubus Tales by Hushicho takes us into the world of Dhiar, an Incubus in the infamous underground city of Noctemberg where Dhiar is proprietor of a very special shop, and sensuality is his stock in trade.

6th Night: La La La

Was this what made a kept man? Evvin arranged the elegant glass phials of oil on the shelf. His mind was never entirely on work like this. Either Dhiar distracted him, or something else did. Tedious work never kept his concentration long. Still, the atmosphere of Phantasies calmed his mind and made it easier. He could appreciate the pleasant qualities effortlessly now.

He was dressed better than he had ever been, fed better than he had ever been…still a bit bony, he had gained some weight. But Dhiar only fawned over him more. It wasn’t like this with the humans in the city, or the vampires for example. It was easy to criticise someone for being heavier than you when you don’t actually have to eat food.

Evvin snorted to himself with amusement, lips curling into a grin. The glass containers clinked as he slid them back together.

His breath caught in his throat as the sound of chimes at the door fluttered to his ears. He wasn’t ready for this! Come on Dhiar, he thought, hurry back! It can’t take that long to get groceries!

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