July 19th, 2011

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Now available for download or print! The Prince’s Boy Volume Two

The Prince’s Boy: Volume Two
by Cecilia Tan
$19. 95 paperback 978-1-61390-010-9
or $9.99 ebook 978-1-61390-014-7
(For $9.99 get any single ebook format. For 99 cents more, download a zip file with all available formats!)

In this conclusion to the gay fantasy saga begun in THE PRINCE’S BOY: Volume One, in Volume Two thwarted lovers Jorin and Kenet must reunite in order to defeat their common enemy, the scheming mage Seroi. Seroi has twisted Kenet’s father’s mind and is set on ruling the country for himself… as well as making Kenet into his magically bonded sex slave. But the bonds of love, not only between Kenet and Jorin, but between other characters as well, may be stronger than the magical chains Seroi would use to enslave them all.

Warning: graphic sex in copious amounts, graphic BDSM, homosexuality.

The ebook edition includes “Sergetten’s Tale,” a bonus short story that did not appear online in the original serialization.

Excerpt! Volume Two begins here…

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