July 13th, 2011

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Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words by Hushicho: Second Night

IncuTales Icon art by HushichoWelcome to a new erotic fantasy serial!
Visit the underground city of Noctemberg,
where an Incubus named Dhiar is proprietor
of a very special shop, and sensuality
is Dhiar’s stock in trade.

2nd Night: Your Disco Needs You

The music thumped at a steady beat. But this wasn’t the kind of club where you felt it instead of hearing it. The words lingered in the air and the minds of the dancers, the musical accompaniment managing to be more than just background noise. This was a good band, a good club.

The dancers on the floor all moved like they knew how. Each and every one of them writhed with confidence, their forms animated by the stimulus of love, desire, and loss chronicled in the unfurling song around them all. It gave them something in common, when nothing else managed: this common ground, this common song, the sweat moistening the air.

As the last lingering strains of electric guitar faded, Dhiar was already halfway to the bar. He slipped onto a stool, leaning his arms onto the bar’s surface.

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