June 13th, 2011

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New Serial! The Moonlit Path by Cat Trip

Cat Trip Introduces Her New Serial, Moonlit Path


Werewolves are more than vicious creatures, capable of only violence and death. Walk the Moonlit Path and discover that beneath the classical predator image is a buried need for love and acceptance.

With the rising of each full moon Circlet Press will reveal a glimpse into the psyche of the werewolf. For a brief two weeks after every full moon you can walk with the beast at a vulnerable moment, when the werewolf discovers that true nakedness is more than just being unclothed. Then, the story disappears with the new moon.

June 15th awakens with “Scent of Tears.”

Identical twins Lizzie and Ria share more than their looks. Their kinks are the same too: furries and pain. The difference is, where Ria has learned to ignore her desperate needs, Lizzie chases hers until she ends up in a psychiatric ward. And Ria has to put to rights the mess Lizzie left behind, including Lizzie’s house staff.

And a werewolf.

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