May 28th, 2011


I totally suck but buy my book anyway

Okay, I was a lot more sluggish about posting stuff to this chat than I intended. Some stuff came up, and then there were some things, and suddenly it had been over a week. Obviously I'll have to hurry back as soon as I can to post all the stuff I didn't get around to this time.

Final notes:

  • My thanks to all the silly, inspired, lurid, and tacky entrants in The Contest. The winner is slipjig, because I'm still struggling to not write a sentient mechanical bull story now. Slipjig, message me at your convenience with what Circlet e-book you want, in what format.

  • I have two upcoming appearances: On June 16, I'll be speaking to the Boston TNG book club in Cambridge Common (the park, not the restaurant). The event is open to anyone 18-35 who wants to discuss The Erotofluidic Age. From July 14-17, I'll be at Readercon in Burlington, MA. I hope to see many of you there.

  • The first full review of EFA appeared today: Dr. Faustus of has just posted some very kind words about it..

Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you enjoyed it, because I'll be back soon whether you did or not.