April 28th, 2011

Like Heaven and Hell: Monique Poirier

Greetings! My name is Monique Poirier and my contribution to Like Heaven and Hell is At The Crossroads. This story is my fifth Circlet publication; my work also appears in Like Clockwork, Like A Prince, Like Butterflies in Iron, and Like An Iron Fist. I've also got a story in the upcoming anthology Like the Hand of Time.

My stories tend to be pieced together from whatever happens to be floating around my brain and hard drive when I read the call for submissions. In the case of At The Crossroads, I'd had a couple of characters – a demon and a half-angel - sitting around in my 'do something with these when you get a chance' folder who seemed to fit the call ideally; I told the story of how they met.

I live and work in Rhode Island, and writer is just one of my ever-growing collection of hats; I'm also a psychologist, an activist, a costumer, a maker, and a fan. As someone with more interests and activities than I can usually successfully juggle, I often wonder what other folks in my various communities get up to when they're not doing the stuff relevant to that community: In the case of Circlet Press, what do you folks spend your time doing when it's not writing or reading?

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Call for submissions: oceanic erotica

Call for Submissions!

Title: Like a Coming Wave

Merfolk and naiads cavort among the rolling waves, while selkies and sprites winnow below – though not so deep as the serpents or kraken, far beyond the reach of the sirens’ song or Charybdis and Scylla’s hungry mouths. The ocean is a vast playground of creatures real and imagined, rife with power and depth. We want to know how this translates into the sensuality and sexuality of those who live in and around Earth’s last frontier. How do merfolk court? Do the denizens of the sea get worked up by great storms? What happens if a naiad gets stuck in a tide pool? We’re looking for stories that focus on the humanity in the inhuman, the exploration of unfamiliar boundaries, and the instincts and seductions of creatures that never have to worry about getting somebody wet. Circlet Press welcomes sex-positive stories of all sexualities and preferences.


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