March 8th, 2011

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New book! THE SLAVE by Laura Antoniou

The Slave by Laura Antoniou
Book Two in the Marketplace series!
ISBN: 978-1-61390-003-1
Word Count: 148,422
List Price: $9.99 ebook, $19.95 trade paperback

Ebook also available from the Amazon Kindle Store, Fictionwise, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, Scribd, the Apple iBookstore, and many other online retailers. The print book can be ordered by any decent bookstore through Ingram and should be available on the Espresso Book Machine, as well!

Robin wants to be a slave in the underground world of the Marketplace. She falls under the tutelage of the infamous trainer Chris Parker and spends an intense few weeks with him. Little does she know that her adventures as a slave are just beginning, taking her from one coast to the other, into the whirlwind party world of a California gay couple and their house full of slave boys.

The ebook edition also contains an all-new, never before published story “That’s Harsh!” The story tells the tale of what happens when Robin’s masters decide to throw an all-male party. What will they do with their one female slave? Give her the weekend off? Not likely!

“A lot of thought on the topic of submission went into this novel, and it struck some very strong chords with folks who can find themselves in the protagonist… well worth reading!”–Blowfish

And now, the entirety of Chapter One for your reading pleasure:

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