February 24th, 2011

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Sample an older Circlet title! Today: A Taste of Midnight

A Taste of Midnight
A Taste of Midnight
A collection of eleven erotic short stories which explore the mysterious world of the vampire. This anthology includes stories by Pagan O' Leary, Raven Kaldera, Bryn Haniver and many more. Fall into the darkness and sensuality that is the vampire's world, velvet nights and sweet blood, like nothing you've ever experienced before.
Price: $7.49

Table of Contents:


Descend by Pagan O’Leary

Goddess of the Wine by Kate Hill

Waiting for Sunset by Elizabeth Thorne

Pale Smoke by Raven Kaldera

Would You Live for Me? by Mary Anne Mohanraj

The Only by Steve Eller

Initiation Into Club Sanguis by Renee M. Charles

Desmodus by Bryn Haniver

Tripping by Margaret L. Carter

Dream—Eater by Gary Bowen

She Who Waits by Catherine Lundoff

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