February 16th, 2011

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The Prince’s Boy: 82

82: Jorin

The three of us landed in the midst of one of the strangest military councils held in the history of Trest. I am one lucky bastard, though, for had we followed Seroi to his lair as I’d intended, he would surely have easily killed us by non-magical means. When we appeared, Kenet was unconscious–which was a mercy, I suppose, given the agony I had just put him through–I was choked half to death by Roichal, and Roichal himself was in not very fine shape either. All three of us would have been easy victims for anyone with the will to harm us.

We had arrived in a large tent, large enough for the gathering of half a dozen men and soldiers to leap to their feet at our arrival. Thank goodness Kan was among those there. He gleaned immediately what had happened, so no well meaning soldier of Trest killed me to save Roichal or the prince, either.

They did, however, put me in irons and bid me kneel out of the way while they tended to Kenet’s unconscious form.

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