January 5th, 2011

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New book! Like a Moonrise: shapeshifter coming of age erotica

Like a Moonrise: Erotic Tales of Shapeshifters
Edited by Artemis Savory and Cecilia Tan
ISBN: 978-1-61390-007-9
Word Count: 35,359
List Price: $4.99

Shapeshifting is a powerful metaphor for eroticism, and in Circlet Press’s new ebook, Like a Moonrise, that metaphor is made central to these erotic coming-of-age fantasies.

Like a Moonrise is an anthology of six stories featuring original shapeshifters with a coming of age theme.The stories in this anthology explain what the werefox, werepony, and others face as they discover their own changes and the urges and instincts that come with it. Circlet Press moves beyond the now-common realm of vampires and werewolves to explore the sexual lives of different were-creatures with these stories.

Contributors include Kyell Gold, winner of the Best Gay Fantasy Novel of 2009, Lambda Literary Award winner Rakelle Valencia, MeiLin Miranda, who brings us the backstory of one of the shapeshifter charac- ters in her Scryer’s Gulch web serial, along with Marie Carlson, Catt Kingsgrave, and Aoife Bright.

Table of Contents:
Fears-Moon-Woman by MeiLin Miranda
The Moon, Reversed by Catt Kingsgrave
Cycles by Marie Carlson
On the Run by Kyell Gold
Werewhat by Rakelle Valencia
The Winter Prince by Aoife Bright

Hot excerpt from The Moon, Reversed, by Catt Kingsgrave

Leontius Senecus Saturnus stood in the soft dungeon and watched his prisoner sleep.

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The Prince’s Boy: 76

(Continuing the weekly serial by Cecilia Tan! Need to start at the beginning? Click here.)

76: Jorin

How many times had I dreamed that Kenet was in my arms? I had long since lost count. And after all the men who had shared my body and touched my skin since last I had seen him, I had begun to doubt my memory of his scent was true.

If it is a dream, let me enjoy it for a while, I thought, as I buried my nose in golden strands and breathed deep. Oh, how my heart ached at that scent, even if imagined.

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