July 31st, 2009


Me As a Gay Guy

So I was quite happy when Circlet picked up my short story "Nectar" for its upcoming anthology Wired Hard 4. This electronic book, or, since I like to save syllables, e-thology, will be out in September. Or so they tell me. And I believe them because with e-books you don't have to deal with printers and distributors and the other intermediaries that keep going out of business. 

It was particularly nice when the decision came down about not having to use male pseudonyms. That way, I can advertise the story as part of this chat and, put it on my web-page, or should loudly, should I ever have a reading, that I WRITE GAY PORN. Not just les and het and bi, but actual SAUSAGEFESTS. 

Also, it dovetails neatly with my new maxim: Give Schlong and Prosper. 

That is all. 

For now. 

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