July 27th, 2009

Review of "Up for Grabs."

Rainbow Reviews has reviewed Circlet's recent ebook anthology Up for Grabs.

Here's what they have to say:

Delicious, delirious, delightful! I couldn't put down this collection of five thought provoking, totally fresh and completely hot stories of gender turned on its ear (or some other body part).

"Only For Myself" by Zachary Jernigan leads off the collection with a very surprising twist. "Fair Play" by David D. Levine is a brief transgender tale told entirely in dialogue. Ellen Tevault's "Transplant" puts us in the skin of Katrina, formerly Lance, who looks forward to her gender reassignment surgery, made possible through a body parts swap with Chad, formerly Char. "Passage" by Anya Levin has lesbian Maya worrying her lover won't want her once Maya undergoes a passage from female to male.

The real crown jewel in this treasure chest of sci-fi, though, is Vinnie Tesla's magnificent "The Ontological Engine, or, The Modern Leda." In this tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) tale set in the Victorian era, Daedalus Tesla (cousin of the famed Nikola) carries out bold sexual experiments. It has all the turn-of-the-last century charm and magic of the novel or film The Prestige, but with many more saucy ejaculations.

This collection is simply a must-read.

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