July 17th, 2009


Fiction Friday: Afterwards by Kirsty Logan


by Kirsty Logan

We used up the last of the time a month ago, or a year ago, or a lifetime ago, and here I am still beside you. It feels like it might be morning, so I slide out from under your sleep-warm arm. I watch the kettle until it starts to roil with bubbles, then pour it into the teapot. When I crawl back in beside you, the toast is burned and the eggs are rock-solid; I have no concept of how long I cooked them for.
We don’t need them anyway. Breakfast is just a prelude. I slip under the covers, between your soft limbs slowing awake, and I kiss a line from your throat to your knees. Down, left to right, back up. I have been buried in you for a thousand years and now you’re awake, your hands raking through my hair, your taste sharp at the back of my throat. I slip a finger in alongside my tongue and feel your muscles clench. It seems that you came in a millisecond so I stay, tongue pressed to your throbbing clit, and I lick you until breakfast turns to fossils on the bedside table.
Into the bathroom, your knees still unsure, and I wash the molecules of myself from you. It takes twelve years for the hot water to run out and your skin has not even begun to prune. We crawl back into bed, ignoring the twilit dawn-midnight behind the curtains.
We lie entwined for hours, or days, or lifetimes, until the end of the world.


Kirsty Logan lives in Glasgow with her girlfriend and the rain. Her writing is in print or upcoming in Word Riot, Polluto, Neon, Pank, Wigleaf, Salome, Likestarlings, Moondance, and others. She is a part-time Creative Writing MLitt student and a part-time waitress in a tea-shop – the latter just paying for the former. She can be found at kirstylogan.com.

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Author Chat What Makes It Erotica?

A local BDSM group held an erotica reading night. I was the only published author in the mix. Several people read their stories. As a writer, I saw them as sex scene descriptions, not complete stories. There was no plot beyond the sex, character development. To them a small caress was all they needed to show affection between the two people. It was pure porn, not what I call erotica. It was interresting listening to the group discuss erotica from the readers perspective. Some of the dykes said they don't like lesbian erotica because it is too flowery and metaphorical - Boring. I read my story, Medusa's Mistress from Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2008. They discussed that the only sexual contact was foot worship. I was surprised that a BDSM group would act like the BDSM erotic elements in the story were incomplete without actual sex. The SM described in the story wasn't enough for this group of readers.

Does a story have to have penetration or oral to be considered erotica?