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Incubus Tales: 26th Night

IncuTales Icon art by HushichoWelcome to an exciting erotic fantasy serial! Incubus Tales by Hushicho takes us into the world of Dhiar, an Incubus in the infamous underground city of Noctemberg where Dhiar is proprietor of a very special shop, and sensuality is his stock in trade.

26th Night — Eden

Dhiar contemplated the sleeping man. Siros presented even more of an pure portrait as he slept. His bare chest rose and fell so softly, his lashes moved slightly every so often, and his wings lightly fluttered with them.

He closed his eyes again and pressed against the angel’s side, breathing deeply and slowly. His journey into night had been long, and he hoped sleep would take him soon. It always seemed easier in Dis. The dreams somehow always seemed like they were closer, almost enough to touch at any moment in time.

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