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Circlet Press bags some Rainbow Awards! (ebooks on sale to celebrate)

The winners of the 2011 LGBT Rainbow Awards have been announced! And three Circlet Press books have garnered the kudos of the judges!

In the Bi/Trans SF/Fantasy Category, our anthology of gender-questioning erotic short stories UP FOR GRABS 2, edited by Lauren P. Burka took third place!

The judges praises included:
“This was a really interesting and enjoyable read for me, it’s not something that I’d choose for myself but I am glad I got to read it and I will not make the mistake of passing similar type of books again! Each of the stories were written amazingly well.” –Perpetua

“A collection of eclectic stories, one giving off vibes reminiscent of Vonnegut while another of Laurence. Some very nice gems in this anthology.” –Merith

Then we had two honorable mentions in the Best Gay Fantasy category:

by Cecilia Tan, Honorable Mention (5th place)

The judge’s comment had us laughing; “This story needs to come with a warning. *Do not read if you have any sort of cardiac issues* LOL. No, really. Brilliant from start to finish, but whew! What a marathon! You’d better train up for this one, or be prepared to read it in small bite sized pieces (if you can put it down, and yes, it is that good). There is graphic torture, rape, slavery, every form of questionable behavior one could think of. And with all that? A story not to be missed. By turns gritty and lyrical. It is the chiming of tiny crystal hand bells and the inescapable, thundering peal of the bells of Notre Dame. A powerhouse, a tour de force. –Cherie”

by Kannan Feng, had honorable mention in not only Best Gay Fantasy but also in Debut Gay Novel! Congratulations, Kannan!

Elisa’s Reviews and Ramblings praised The Lord of Misrule earlier this year, saying, “This was quite an interesting fantasy novel, mixing pain with pleasure but above all giving to a Dom/sub relationship its true and original meaning—that is not only that of being a sex game.”

The Rainbow Awards evaluated over 300 titles this year from over 50 publishers, large and small!

To celebrate the awards, all three ebooks are on sale until December 15th for half price if bought through circlet.com! Click through to the live buy links:

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