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Review: Dark Elves: Taken

 Title: Dark Elves: Taken
: Jet Mykles
: Loose Id
: 2008
Review by Victoria Pond

You’ve seen Jet Mykles’s banner ads over the last ten years, right? You know the ones. They’ve all got dishy men drawn in a style somewhat reminiscent of anime. So, you’ll probably be excited to learn that Loose Id has been collecting and editing some of Mykles’s works.

Dark Elves: Taken combines the first two novels in Mykles’s Dark Elves saga. From start to finish, both works revel in nonstop sex. Don’t worry: the fantasy aspect makes it humanly (or inhumanly) possible to withstand three to ten orgasms in one session. Not a page goes by without someone getting some action. And what action it is! Strapped to benches or strapped with floggers. Fingers and tongues and cocks. Never an orgasm denial when there can be extra gratification instead.

Underneath the sexual pleasure, the work wallows in dark themes–non-consensual sex, slavery, and objectification. So, if these are triggers for you, be aware.

The first novel in the duet, Taken, immediately dives into worldbuilding. Here’s the set up: Anyone who goes into the woods will never be seen again; men die and women are acquired by an all-male, black-hided species called the raedjour.

The raedjour‘s goddess created these men to be perfect sexual consorts, then commanded them to abduct human women for mating purposes. When women are taken, their captors pass them from man to man, for nine days at a time, until they make a truematch. The process can take over forty partners, and the women get no choice in who will have them.

The first novel purposely disturbs the reader with raedjour repetition of the idea that it’s not rape if a woman enjoys it. She might say “no” or “I don’t want you” or “don’t touch me”, but all women lust for raedjour, and an orgasm means everything’s okay. Being bred for sex and ordered to kidnap women by their goddess, raedjour society has trouble with the idea of consent. Interestingly, the captive women buy into their new society’s morals after a time–through a mix of Stockholm Syndrome and changing DNA.

The second novel’s premise, Mastered contains similar triggers, but not to the same degree. In this piece, raedjour rescues the heroine from sex slavery. Sure, it’s only to force her into sex slavery, but here they treat her better. Also, she’s able to find her truemate fairly quickly and with minimal trauma, and they fall in love.

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