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Microfiction: Cockaigne, by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata

by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata   


“Confidential Psych Evaluation of Paula Vacari, case number 6043PV, date of birth—03-28-2045. Designated for my eyes and ears only.

“Patient exhibits clear signs of severe clinical depression resulting from the loss of her parents two months ago in the great earthquake of the Pacific Realm. She expresses deep resentment for the Order’s unsuccessful initiative, despite being informed that all seismo-electromagnetic instrumentation failed to yield any periodic variations in the Earth’s electric field, making it nearly impossible to detect temblor precursors. In accordance with OSR Resolution B/RES/98/2u89 to eradicate the effects of mental disorder from the Republic, I have been authorized to commence patient’s treatment in Room 7, code-named Cockaigne.”


Dr. Amos Haliburton sat back in his chair behind a thick glass partition in the control cabin overlooking Room 7. A steel hatch hissed open below and an androgynous orderly led Paula Vacari inside.

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