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Chocolatiers of the High Winds: 51

Chocolatiers of the High Winds by H.B. Kurtzwilde
A gay steampunk adventure. Follow the weekly travails of young Mayport Titus, and his intercontinental airship journey to restore the fortunes of the Titus Chocolate Company. (Do you need to start at Chapter One?)

Chapter 51: Commitment

After his wedding, Mayport enjoyed a domestic peace he hadn’t anticipated. Frog quietly usurped the lead position at the factory, then defended it with all he had. Joseph trusted the boy, beyond all reason, and only went to town if a machine needed his attention. Otherwise, he occupied himself with plans for the future of the plantation.

Mayport made himself stay focused on the office work, from which neither Frog nor Joseph could liberate him. He had presumed that, without governor or judge, the townspeople would be used to settling things outside a court of law. Instead, he discovered that many had grown long on patience, if short on temper. Like the debts he had first found, grudges were handed down father to son. He was glad to have Jesse’s help to organize all the disputes that were submitted to his desk.

“I think you’d better allow the dueling,” Jesse said over a stack of complaints. “You’ll never stop them doing as they’ve done all along.”

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