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Call for Submissions: Like a Breath of Flame

Call for stories! Deadline: November 1, 2011.

LIKE A BREATH OF FLAME: Dragon Erotica. Great serpents and winged lizards appear in nearly every mythology on Earth — in South America we have gentle Quetzalcoatl the winged serpent, in Egypt we have Apep the god of Chaos, in Mesopotamia we have Tiamat the mother of monsters, in Greece we have Scylla and the Hydra, in Aboriginal Australia there is the Rainbow Serpent… the list goes on, ending, of course, with our old friends, the European dragons of majesty and flame and the East Asian dragons of luck and rain. In modern fantasy, we have dragon riders and dragon-kin, half-dragons and luck dragons, dragons who walk in the shape of men. But what of the sexual side of the dragon? What of sensuality at the border between earth and sky, what of courtship rituals that shake the earth, and what of the dragon’s interactions with man (after all, it is said that the Emperor of China is the descendant of dragons…), what of dragons who take on human shape to learn of mankind’s ways? With humans and dragons existing side by side since the dawn of time, at what points did their desires cross? And even in the modern day, can you find someone with fire in their blood and jewels in their eyes? For Like a Breath of Flame, we’re looking for erotic tales of dragons and their kin from every culture, mythology, and time period.

All sexualities and gender expressions are welcomed.

This ebook anthology is being edited by Cosmin Alexander and Cecilia Tan for Circlet Press.

For submission details, read on.

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