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Pirate Names

It's a matter of style with me that a pirate needs a great name: Captain Blade, The Scourge, Asmodel Dire, Captain Kane - a good pirate name is the essence of being piratical.  Some historical pirates had great names, like Blackbeard or Captain Kidd.  Others, while awesome pirates, were lacking in the moniker department: Montbars, L'Onnois, etc.  Of course it has to be remembered that Blackbeard was a nickname, and his real name was the pedestrian Edward Teach.  Some people's real names - like Grace O'Mally and Jack Rackham - were perfectly good pirate names, while I am forced to admit that Anne Bonney needed a nickname in the worst way.  Surprising to me that a people so far beyond the scope of 'normal' society would be averse to awesome nommes du crime.  Part of the fun I've had with Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande has been crossing the pirate ethos with the Old West penchant for really cool nicknames.  You can imagine that the society that produced "Wild Bill", "Grizzly Adams", and (my favorite) "Killer Dick" would have a whole lot of fun with colorful names for pirates.

So spill - what kinds of pirate names do you like?

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