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Pirates in Space (Space space space space)

Scoundrels and rogues have such appeal, don't they? I know I can't resist a good one. Err. A well drawn character of this sort. The pirate ranks often hold the best scoundrels--fictional and otherwise.

My Like a Treasure Found story tackles PIRATES IN SPAAAACE (spaaace spaace space). "A Shelter From All Storms" finds a journalist joining the crew of the infamous pirate vessel Gethsemane, to understand why her captain went from being a decorated war hero (and veritable poster child for the military) to the scourge of the space lanes. While this premise offered the potential for space opera adventure, the story is less interested in the business of actual piracy than in the making of a pirate. Like many of my stories, the characters stole my attention for a time. I hope they will do the same for you!

Now, who are some of your favorite pirates, rogues and scoundrels? I'm always on the look out for some entertaining characters to geek out over and nonfiction folks to read about. Feel free to offer some up!

To get the ball rolling, I'll turn to manga and anime. I am an unabashed manga lover. Anime is also one of my many, many (sometimes guilty) pleasures, so I thought I would suggest both the books and many series surrounding Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Harlock is pretty much a romantic hero type--complete with an eyepatch, a nasty facial scar and quite a bit of heart--but this is truly epic storytelling! Yes, epic! How else can I describe a storyline where even something as small as a stolen satchel of gold can rouse ancient gods to threaten the universe? Each Harlock incarnation offers treats that continue to haunt me . . .

A personal favorite from this vast cycle of books and series is the anime spin-off series about Pirate Queen Emeraldas. Note: I make no claims that it's actually the best; it's just something I enjoy the most (an important distinction). This short lived series offers a weird blend of westerns and pirate stories set across a delightful interstellar backdrop. I still have a wall scroll of Emeraldas herself, which I proudly refuse to ever consider getting rid of. I heart that character!

How about you, readers?
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