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Emily Moreton

Magic pirates

Note to self: write a more interesting bio, wow, was mine dull compared to everyone else's!

Moving on... Daniel, my story in this anthology was originally written for a girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy anthology that rejected it, so when I saw the call for a pirate anthology with Circlet, I dusted it off, tidied it up, and sent it in. Very excited to have been accepted by Circlet - I don't know if other authors do this, but I have a list of places I want to get published, and crossing Circlet off was very exciting.

Anyway, Daniel is your classic girl dresses as boy to escape tale... excpet that she's escaping because she was caught doing magic, and she ends up sleeping with a girl, not marrying a rich man, so maybe not that classic! Whatever, girls in boys clothes, especially pirate girls, totally do it for me.

So, question: favourite pirate book? Favourite pirate movie?

I'll start by confessing to loving the Pirates of the Caribbean films - what can I say, Keira Knightley as a pirate, and Johnny Depp as a very camp pirate, I'm easy!
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