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Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words by Hushicho, Third Night

IncuTales Icon art by HushichoWelcome to a new erotic fantasy serial!
Visit the underground city of Noctemberg,
where an Incubus named Dhiar is proprietor
of a very special shop, and sensuality
is Dhiar’s stock in trade.

3rd Night: Feel It

They had enjoyed drinks together at the club. The only thing left over was an empty beer bottle on the counter beside the register. No need for fresh drinks. Their thirst had found other means.

It was cold outside. It was always fairly cool, being subterranean, but sometimes certain features of the city — and of course, stray magic residue — led to variation in temperature, however subtle. The most delightful thing about Noctemburg’s unique weather, in Dhiar’s mind, was the fact that it could and did rain, thanks to underground water sources and natural condensation. At certain times of the year, mist blanketed city streets like spun cotton. He felt like he was crawling in bedclothes when he went out on those days.

There was snow, too, and ice. Even sometimes against the expectations of anyone, weather happened. As irrepressibly as inconvenient family members dropping by, it persisted. He suspected that it had not so much begun by the mysterious forces of nature as simply manifested due to massive conflicting sorceries.

Right then it had begun to rain, and when it rained in Noctemburg, it poured.

“Just in time!” Evvin laughed, looking out the tinted glass door to the street. “Wow. It’s really coming down.”

Something about narrowly missing the downpour excited Dhiar, even though it nagged at him with a little regret. He loved the rain, loved it with a passion. With a moment’s hesitation, and only that moment’s, he reached his hand out and laced his fingers in Evvin’s. No words passed between them. He pulled open the door, looked over his shoulder into the young man’s eyes, and tugged him out into the street, out from under the eaves, into the torrential pour of water.

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