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Review: Benjamin

Review: Benjamin by I.G. Frederick, Published by Ravenous Romance.

Reviewed by TammyJo Eckhart, PhD

While many authors publish a range of story lengths from the new micro- fiction to epics and sequels, each category of fiction requires a different skill and ability to write well.  Someone who can crank out a 100,000 word novel may struggle to do a short story of under 7,500 words.  Benjamin by I.G. Frederick fits into this short story range even though she has published poetry and novels as well for the past 25 years.

This is the tale of two people searching for an ideal relationship of the femdom variety in their modern kink community.  Told from the experienced woman’s viewpoint, we get a glimpse of her introducing a new submissive man to the world he has only dreamed of exploring.  However, in her telling there is much left out, such as her motivations or the ideal she is looking for, until a sudden shift in the story’s tone.

Similarly our title character’s reactions seem a bit too quick and too easy to be fully appreciated.  Yes, in shorter fiction we, the readers, must suspend our disbelief sooner because the pace must be quicker, but the author also needs to give us a bit more to hold on to as we try to get into the world laid before us.

The interests and environment will be familiar to those of us in the BDSM community who participate online or at munches.  This makes us feel connected to the characters, but I just wanted a bit more digging into their heads and hearts.

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