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Newly available! The Trainer, by Laura Antoniou

THE TRAINER: Book Three of The Marketplace Series
by Laura Antoniou
ISBN: 978-1-61390-024-6 ebook * ISBN 978-1-61390-025-3 paperback
Word Count: 121,756
List Price: $9.99 ebook * $19.95 paperback
(Get any single ebook format for $9.99. For 99 cents more, get a zip file with all available formats!)

The third book in THE MARKETPLACE series brings us into the house of Anderson, the Trainer of Trainers, where Chris Parker and a few clients are in residence. Michael LaGuardia loves being part of the Marketplace and loves the sex slaves he regularly trains. After a couple of years in California, though, Michael thinks he is ready for a step up, an apprenticeship with Anderson.

He’s wrong.

Michael arrives at Anderson’s Brooklyn brownstone with a chip on his shoulder and promptly trips over his own, oversized ego. There are some very important lessons Michael needs to learn, about humility, respect, and even sex. Fortunately for him, he’s come to the one place where he’ll get those lessons beaten into him (metaphorically, of course).

The ebook edition also includes an all-new bonus short story, “California Dreaming,” a flashback to the grand West Coast parties that Michael’s former mentor, Geoff Negel, threw.

About the Author: Laura Antoniou is the award-winning author of THE MARKETPLACE series, as well as many short stories, and the editor of numerous ground-breaking anthologies of BDSM fiction. Learn more at lantonoiu.com.

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