ceciliatan (ceciliatan) wrote in circletpress,

Annoying Viruses & Deleted user accounts

Just a heads up to all readers and commenters on the site. We’ve been fighting a malware virus of some kind that keeps copying itself into our WordPress index.php file. As of this moment, the site is clean, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you receive malware warnings from your browser or if you think you actually catch something from circlet.com. WordPress works hard to keep ahead of these viruses, but it’s an arms race.

As part of hardening the security on the site, we deleted over four thousand (yeah, 4000) fake user accounts created by spambots. It’s possible we accidentally deleted a few legitimate user accounts in the process! If yours was one of them, our apologies, please do sign up again! (There are now anti-spambot measures in place at the registration stage.)

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