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Liner Notes: Miss Pierce's Position

The climax of Ontological Engine is intended to be hot. It's also intended to be funny, and a bit grotesque. When I showed it to friends, when some told me it was sexy, that gave me pleasure; and when some told me it was gross, I was neither particularly surprised nor overly saddened; but when a couple expressed mock-horror that I had managed to make something so bizarre so arousing, that made me feel like I had really succeeded in my goals.

When the story appeared in Circlet's anthology, Up For Grabs critical response was gratifyingly positive--most of the best quotes made it onto the cover of Erotofluidic Age, so I won't paste them in again here. Furthermore, though I had introduced Eleanor's husband, and dropped some hints about the conception of Beatrice and Maggie, I still hadn't explained what became of Victor. It seemed that there were more stories to be told from that world.

After a little brainstorming, I came up with a sex act that I felt would adequately one-up the climax of Ontological Engine. Constructing a circumstance for that to occur in gave me enough of the basics of the character of Minerva Pierce that once again I was on my way, with a decent idea of where I was going, but only the vaguest notion of how I was to get there. The previous story had been a good 4000 words over Circlet's maximum recommended length, and this one, I was determined, would be much shorter.

No such luck. The final manuscript was within a couple hundred words of Ontological Engine, but looking over it, what regrets I have are about omissions rather than inclusions. I wish I'd given Hubert and Louise something to do, and I have a bit of a Chekhov's Gun problem with Eleanor's threat at the end of her scene with Dewey and Daedalus.

I submitted the story for the Like Tooth and Claw shapeshifter anthology, and got an very encouraging rejection from Cecilia, urging me to consider writing a book instead. Fun fact: of the four stories I've written for Circlet, only one (The Terminando) has appeared in the book I originally submitted it for.
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