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Women on the Edge of Space: Author Chat & Excerpt by Shanna Germain

The excerpt is from the first section of "The Many Little Deaths of Cicilia Long." As often happens with my stories, this one started with a very specific voice. It wasn't Cicilia's voice, though, but a more removed narrator, one with a slightly wicked sense of humor. In the story, I also wanted to explore the "little death" idea -- how common belief is that we can have many orgasms but only one true death. I got to thinking -- what if we could have lots of both? Would they get boring? Or would we continue to welcome each of them with the same joy and delight?

Here, Cicilia has just done her first (of many) "rift jumps," which is what begins her awakening into her own sexuality.


And then she jumped.

Rifts are funny things, scientifically somewhere between black holes and worm holes, but looking more like ripped holes in a piece of sky fabric, a long jagged tear that let the underslip of the world show through. Sky fabric, unlike real fabric, is neither soft nor flexible, the sharp, hard edges opening toward a wide middle section. That very middle, wide-open center, was where Cicilia was supposed to do her rift-jumping.

Cicilia realized just how much rifts are funny thing as she went through this one, but didn't actually go through it. In fact, she was just two clicks to the left of where she needed to be, and her bottom half went through it and her top half hit hard enough against the edge of the rift that it dented her helmet, a sound so loud that even the girl who was trained in navigation heard it through the motion camera and drew in her breath, having realized at last that she had caused the love of her life, Cicilia Rachel Long, to have her first death.

Cicilia, who did not know any of this, but who knew that this wasn't how rift jumping was supposed to go -- at least not according to the hundreds of simulations she'd done at base -- had a moment of disconnect, what with her body going two ways and her mind going a third, and then there was a rather loud snap, like a door closing, and Cicilia was rift jumping, only it wasn't like any rift she'd ever seen, not even on the "When Things Go Wrong, Which they Won't, But Just in Case, Videos I, II, III, IV and V" that they'd showed at base. This was kaboom and her whole body went whooshing. No, not her body, as though her body had been broken into an infinite number of pieces and she could feel each one all edged and tingly. Her body, in all of its separate units, not just down to her nipples and clit, but down to her cells, her neurons and dendrites and axons, all gave a collective gasp as if preparing themselves. The implosion and explosion were simultaneous, lightening the atmosphere with their collective heat.

Dying, thought the infinite exploding stars that once were Cicilia, was way better than sex.

Tags: erotica, lesbian, science fiction
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