Laurel Waterford (laurelwaterford) wrote in circletpress,
Laurel Waterford

Author Chat: Women on the Edge of Space author Laurel Waterford

I hope you'll forgive my shyness.  "Fair as the Moon, Clear as the Sun" is the first story I've had published, anywhere, and I'm really not used to participating in anything like this. 

I am so pleased and proud that Danielle chose my story, The title comes from the Song of Solomon, a bridge between faith and sexuality.  The story is about a young woman coming to accept her sexuality, and the consequences of doing so in a hostile atmosphere.  There are subtle undertones of a larger story which I might be able to tell later, but for this one the focus is very tight, on my main character and the other women on her very small ship.

I'm fascinated by the lure of the forbidden. I  wonder, sometimes, whether we will always have taboos, because breaking them is so much fun.
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