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Author Chat: Women on the Edge of Space author Elizabeth Black

 Good afternoon, folks! Elizabeth Black here. I wrote the story "Unfolding Her Wings" for Circlet's "Women On The Edge Of Space". As soon as I saw the call for this anthology, I knew I had to write something for it. I've been interested in space exploration since I was a kid. I helped run a planetarium at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore before the Inner Harbor was built. I was about twelve years old at the time. So I grew up reaching for the stars.

Although my true loves were mystery and horror fiction, I had always wanted to write a science fiction story. The problem was I couldn't figure out what to write about. A close friend of mine who is an astrophysicist and science fiction writer - and he helped me with the research for my story - has wanted me to write science fiction for a number of years, so when this opportunity presented itself I couldn't turn it down. I've written erotica, erotic romance, dark fiction, horror, and even bizarro ... but science fiction eluded me. Until now.

"Unfolding Her Wings" brought forth my desire to talk about how zero gravity affects biology - especially regarding pregnancy. This story also whetted my desire to discuss social issues in a near distant future as well as taking traditional gender roles and turning them on their faces. I relied on my own pregnancy to create that of my main character, Sun. The changes a woman's body goes through when pregnant are phenomenal and awe-inspiring - if not a little invasive. I noticed when pregnant that my body became a public commodity, and I wasn't entire happy about it. Everyone - especially men - wanted to fondle my growing belly, and these people, including perfect strangers, often did so without asking my permission. And everyone offered advice, whether I asked for it or not. Strangers in line at the grocery store. Women at the park. Mothers old and young at restaurants chiding me about what I chose to eat - or not eat. I  usually nodded politely, but I wasn't entirely happy about being some kind of social experiment. The funny thing was that men found me very sexy when I was "cute" pregnant - only a couple of months into it and barely showing - but when I reached the stage of "Oh My God, PREGNANT!!", those same men avoided me like the plague. It was amusing to watch reactions of men and women who knew I did The Nasty at least one time, and my growing belly was proof of it. This was a time in my life when I was showered with attention, care, and curiosity. It was a curious way to be the center of attention.

So, my love of astronomy and my experience being pregnant colored my vision of "Unfolding Her Wings". This won't be the last time I write science fiction. I'm happy that Circlet published my first attempt. By the way, this isn't my first short story with Circlet Press. My other one is "Mud Licker", which appears in Circlet's "Like A Myth" anthology. That story is based on Japanese folklore. Enjoy "Unfolding Her Wings" and allow my characters Sun, Gatria, and Shira to broaden your world.

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