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Monique the Geek

Story Excerpt: At The Crossroads by Monique Poirier

A preview of my story, in which a powerful half-angel with a problem meets a fallen demon with a solution.

He wanted to buy me…to be my master. The concept rang in my head like a bell, awakening things in me that I’d thought long dead. Old training of mine, things I’d been taught through pain and humiliation during my first days in the tower that I had learned very well. Things I'd fought, then, with fists and teeth.

He wanted me. Wanted to keep me. I was banished from Hell, and Heaven had never wanted me at all, but this angel wanted me. An angel that walked the earth, but an angel nonetheless. An angel with human blood, who might well be as capricious and cruel as any human, and had all the power of Heaven to back that wild abandon.

What did it mean for me that I was so happily submitting to his will?
This was probably a horrible setback in my progress toward earning my way back into Hell.

Even in Hell, no one had ever fucked me like that.

"It's hard to imagine you doing evil, Loskeph," he said to me, softly. Quite probable that he'd been watching me eat.

"I've done little enough of it," I answered. "I never was more than the least of the damned. Do you think banishment from Hell is meted out to those who are truly loyal? It's a thing done to half-breeds and mortal-lovers."

"But if you're not evil at heart, then what made you turn from the love of The One Who Is at all?"

I swallowed thickly, my mouth suddenly dry.

"It isn't a matter of goodness or of evil," I said with a derisive snort that was wholly beyond my station. Let him punish me for it, I didn't care. "It's a matter of obedience to The One Who Is. I do not belong to Him, and that He cannot tolerate. He is our maker as He is yours - demons are the children He does not love. How many demons have you killed without knowing that, angel? I've noticed that you carry a sword. What are you, in the wider world?"

"An Archon."

"A murderer of demons, then."

"I bring swift justice to those who do evil, mortal or otherwise," he corrected, and there was a tightness in his voice. It raised shrill panic in me, that he be displeased with me. I crushed that fear down with all the fortitude I could muster. I was after all a demon. I should not fear angels. Hate them yes, but not fear them. Not be supplicant to them.

Even when supplication meant gentle hands and burning kisses and fellowship and safety... when it meant all I'd ever wanted. I never had and never could belong to The One, but the core of me knew with terrifying certainty that I could belong to Makhamir.

"If we do evil, angel – and I will admit that most of us do - it is only that we learned at the feet of the master."

"I will not listen to you speak poorly of The One Who Is, demon."
He'd drawn very close to me; I could smell the heat rising from his skin.

"How will you stop me, angel?" I asked, bearing my teeth.

He lunged and crushed my mouth with his own.
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