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Like Heaven and Hell: Monique Poirier

Greetings! My name is Monique Poirier and my contribution to Like Heaven and Hell is At The Crossroads. This story is my fifth Circlet publication; my work also appears in Like Clockwork, Like A Prince, Like Butterflies in Iron, and Like An Iron Fist. I've also got a story in the upcoming anthology Like the Hand of Time.

My stories tend to be pieced together from whatever happens to be floating around my brain and hard drive when I read the call for submissions. In the case of At The Crossroads, I'd had a couple of characters – a demon and a half-angel - sitting around in my 'do something with these when you get a chance' folder who seemed to fit the call ideally; I told the story of how they met.

I live and work in Rhode Island, and writer is just one of my ever-growing collection of hats; I'm also a psychologist, an activist, a costumer, a maker, and a fan. As someone with more interests and activities than I can usually successfully juggle, I often wonder what other folks in my various communities get up to when they're not doing the stuff relevant to that community: In the case of Circlet Press, what do you folks spend your time doing when it's not writing or reading?

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