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Like Heaven and Hell - Theorian D. Graves


I have never done an author chat before so I am quite unsure how to approach this but I will certainly try my best. I suppose I'll begin with a small bit of information on my background. 

I was born in Kansas but later moved along with my family to North Carolina, where I currently live and attend a local community college, I am relatively young and fresh out of high school. While I have written fan fiction in the past I have never felt the same passion that I do when writing something spawned from the deepest reaches of my mind. Nothing has been more exhilarating than seeing an idea written out, it is the most wonderful thing that I have ever known.  I have much to learn about writing and was completely shocked when I found out my story, Breathing Brimstone, had been accepted into Like Heaven and Hell; it is my first published work but I certainly hope that it shall not be my last. I found the interesting concept of angels and demons to be truly inspiring, I wondered to myself what it was that defined the two entities. I was throughly satisfied with how this story came out.
I have no other works published at this moment but in time I hope for that to change. When I was younger I hated to read or write anything but nowadays  I can't seem to get enough, so tell me when did your love for reading or writing really become an integral part in your life?
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