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Author Post: Like Heaven and Hell


This is my very first author chat, so I hope you’ll all be gentle with me  :)

I guess I should first of all tell you a little about myself.

I was born and raised in England and graduated from the University of Manchester with an honours degree in Philosophy. I was first inspired to write through the hobby of Live Action Role-Play, writing plot and adventures for the enjoyment of my friends. My interest in writing erotica arose, and was nurtured, in the supportive writing communities of fan fiction.

Give & Take, published in the Circlet anthology Like Heaven and Hell, is my first piece of original fiction, but I most certainly intended to write more! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and found the angel and demon theme very inspiring. My story deals with the blurred lines between what humans perceive as angelic and demonic qualities, and the impact those may have upon those divine beings.

I have a brand new, shiny author blog at http://karencobb.livejournal.com/ which I haven’t used yet, but feel free to friend me, I will be posting something soon.  Occasional free ficlets seems like a good plan.

My fan fiction works may be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2445617/Scarylady1, and my popular erotic slash series (Secret Service) may be found here: http://peopleofthedas.dreamwidth.org/tag/series:+secret+service.  

So, having got all that out of the way I have to ask - seeing as it’s where I’ve come from - if any of you read (or write) fanfiction, and which genres inspire you?

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