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Sample an older Circlet title! Today: Wired Hard 3

Wired Hard 3: Even More Erotica for a Gay Universe
Wired Hard 3: Even More Erotica for a Gay Universe
The follow-up anthology to Wired Hard #2 of erotic science fiction with gay male themes and characters. These scorchingly hot tales of men on men are far from ordinary, with a touch of futurism here, a dab of fantasy there. Wired Hard 3 brings you everything from high tech interplanetary street hustlers to a gay Cupid. Includes 12 stories!
Price: $7.49

Table of Contents:

Hidden Desires by Chris Jones

Red Angel by Gary Bowen

The Tomorrow Kid by Jack Dickson

The Magick of Love by S. S. Moses

Always by David MacMillan

Demon Heart by Tim Chadwick

Zoner by Michael Barnette

Halwende and the Ligneous Vassal by Karl-Rene Moore

You Can’t See Me by Jason Fortenbraugh

The Four Doors by Jay Starre

The Two Cupids by Jon-Michael Emory

Holy Terror by Simon Sheppard

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