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Sample an older Circlet title! Today: Wired Hard 2

Wired Hard 2: More Erotica for a Gay Universe
Wired Hard 2: More Erotica for a Gay Universe
Wired Hard 2 brings us a homoerotic collection of futuristic stories. Fighter pilots, high tech detectives, interstellar diplomats, prison convicts, espionage agents, and even angels--all men who love men--populate these tales. Dark and gritty like the hottest works of John Preston and Mason Powell, the stories in WIRED HARD 2 go deep into the psyche of male-male eroticism.
Price: $7.49

Table of Contents:

Technophile by M. Christian

The Jail of His Mind and the Songs Within by Eric Del Carlo

Terminal Orgasm by Tom Dickson

At A Party In Pasadena by Mason Powell

Angel Lust by Gary Bowen

Meteor Shower by David Laurents

Manipulation by H. E. Phaiston

Sending by Ralph Greco, Jr.

Leashed Steel by Steven Schwartz

The Hetairai Turncoat by Karl-ReneŽ Moore

The Pass by Steve Eller

The Changeling by Whitt Pond


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